"People are unhappy because they don’t know that they’re happy." (Fyodor Dostoyevsky)


Photo Annual Awards 2012

Robert Rutoed's "Right Time Right Place" is part of Photo Annual Awards exhibition. The show will be on display from May 28, 2012 at the Wall Gallery, Teplice, Czech Republic.

Photo Annual Awards was established to promote contemporary photographic authentic work. It is particularly focused on the visual arts based on the deep inner tensions, and contains non-trivial story of human existence.

Awarded photos exhibition, open for public (Photo:

Photo Annual Awards
Right Time Right Place

Image from the series:
Right Time Right Place

Being at the right place at the right time is usually associated with happiness and success. But what happens when we are at the right place at the wrong time? Do we even know that this is the right place? And what if it turns out that it is the wrong place after all? But the right time!


Trailer "Right Time Right Place"
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