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Smashbox Group Show

Robert Rutoed is participating in Smashbox Group Show, an official exhibition of Month of Photography Los Angeles – MOPLA. The show will be on display from April 17 through May 12, 2013 at Smashbox Studios West Hollywood, California, USA.

Curated by Dee deLara (Smashbox Studios), Jen Jenkins (Giant Artists), and photographer Diana Koenigsberg.

Month of Photography, Los Angeles – MOPLA
Right Time Right Place

Image from the series:
Right Time Right Place

Artist reception:
April 17, 2013
7:00 - 10:00 p.m.

Smashbox Studios
West Hollywood
1011 N. Fuller Avenue
West Hollywood
CA 90046


In April 2009, the inaugural Month of Photography Los Angeles (MOPLA) showcased the enormous photography community, inclusive of commercial, fine art and photojournalism. As the second largest photography community in the United States, Los Angeles provides a distinctive backdrop to the celebration of the photographic image.

MOPLA was established and exists to advance the celebration of Photography through a variety of events and programs designed to inspire and invigorate the photography professional, enthusiast, emerging professional and collector.


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