"In 'Less Is More' I philosophise about God and the universe.
And about what you can leave out without being left with nothing."


Eastreet 2

"Less Is More" will be on display at Eastreet 2, Street Photography from Eastern Europe, from July 8-31, 2014 in Lublin, Poland.

Eastreet 2 is the second volume of a successful exhibition and the only project of this scale dedicated exclusively to street photography from Eastern Europe.

The basic and evident goal of Eastreet is to collect and present a cross-section of street photography created in the countries of Eastern Europe. New-York spots of light, suits seen in the City of London, Paris side streets and Asian urban jungles – all seem so familiar to us, but we still do not know quite well what is going on in the streets of our neighbours in Eastern Europe. In this sense, Eastreet is a natural consequence of interest in photography and discovering the world through it.

Less Is More


Eastreet 2 exhibition will also be presented in Nancy, France as a part of the International Film Festival. The opening night will take place on 31st August, 6pm at the KD Gallery

The Eastreet 2 exhibition and publication is a part of the East of Culture project which is organised by creative communities and local governments of Eastern Poland, with the support from Ministry Of Culture And National Heritage (MKiDN) and National Centre for Culture (NCK).
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