"Man is unhappy because he doesn’t know he’s happy." (Fyodor Dostoyevsky)


Right Time Right Place

Being at the right place at the right time is usually associated with happiness and success. But what happens when we are at the right place at the wrong time? Do we even know that this is the right place? And what if it turns out that it is the wrong place after all? But the right time!

Whoever loses his orientation over this thought will get a feeling for Robert Rutöd’s latest pictures. The Vienna-born photographer wandered for few years through Europe and has proven to be a keen observer with an often tragicomic view: The blind man who finds orientation by putting his stick in a tram track, the helpless swan that finds itself frozen to the vast stretch of ice, or the amputee operator of a shooting range set up in a ruined building. It gets macabre with the portraits of the Pope, Hitler and Mussolini decorating the labels of wine bottles.

“Right Time Right Place” is a collection of photographs I made in the last few years on my travels through Europe. The images revolve around the question of whether it is possible for a person to be in the right place at the right time. Is the ideal state of space and time something we are awarded or is it a state we have long been living in without being aware of our good fortune? I hope I have not succeeded in answering this question. Nothing fails more pathetically than an artist’s attempt to explain the world and its relationships. Rather, my work leads to the conclusion that the world cannot be explained. Once an exhibition visitor in New York told me that, when viewing my photos, she felt that the protagonists seemed to be kind of disobedient. I really liked that interpretation.

“Right Time Right Place” was awarded the Special Prize of the Czech Center of Photography at Photo Annual Awards 2012. A photo from the series won the New York Photo Award 2012 in the category Fine Art.

"What Robert Rutöd brings to the contemporary photographic dialogue is that intangible ability to see the world with a skewed lens - a lens that is compassionate and at the same time, unkind. It is a lens that is the stuff of operas and nightmares, comedies and slapstick. Robert finds that split second of humor or truth telling and that instant of social documentation or absurdity that makes us not only laugh at ourselves, but also laugh and feel embarrassed all at the same time. Or should I say, at The Right Time." (Aline Smithson, from the foreword to the book "Right Time Right Place")


Right Time Right Place is part of the exhibition Celebrating Europe, taking place from September 5 to 20, 2014 in Kaunas, Lithuania

Robert Rutoed's "Right Time Right Place" has been selected as a MSPF 2013 finalist. His work will be shown at the festival's main gallery from December 5 to 8, 2013

Robert Rutoed's "Right Time Right Place" will be part of Delhi Photo Festival which will run between September 27 through October 11, 2013

"Right Time Right Place" has been selected to participate at Fotonoviembre, XII Bienal Internacional de Fotografía de Tenerife

Photographs from "Right Time Right Place" will be part of What’s The Focus?!? exhibtion, shown at The Public, West Bromwich, UK, in November 2013

"Robert is part of that wonderful European street shooter legacy that is so important in a world where technology keeps our heads down, where cell phones remove us from truly being engaged with each other ..."





Right Time Right Place
Softcover, 120 pages
Language: English, 18x18 cm

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